Janice Hingley said...

You are a very talented lady.

Ann Melvin said...

Thank you so much Janice xx

veecee said...

Hi Ann, just looking through your gallery of projects etc. and saw the green 'cable knit' emb. folder Wishing you the happiest of days card. Question please, how have you die cut the lovely as a tree stamp set for this card?
Really love this and would love to be able to use this stamp set in similar way.
regards and thanks

Tracey Gouraud said...

Ann, I am a demo from Texas in USA and love watching your video tutorials. I would love to make this pocket notebook but can't seem to find the post with the dimensions. Could you please send me the link to the post or send me the dimensions. Will give you the credit when I CASE it. Would love to make some for my parents who are going thru cancer and heart issues of my dad. Would also like to create a class for it to teach to my customers. I know you cased this from Mandy Makes and Mends, but can't find her blog post with the dimensions either.
Thanks in advance,
Tracey Gouraud

Carole Grummons said...

Hi Ann love love your gallery! There r many projects I'd like to make so how do I find tutorials for them? Especially the mini note pads with pocket on the left.
One of them says a little kindness goes along way
Thank you so much for your much needed help lol

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